Tales from Sector Alpha-8

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Sector Alpha-8 is unlike any other in the galaxy. A geoplanetary disaster has made the sector unfit for biological life. Robots have now made it their home, keeping it running as a vital shipping, trading, and entertainment hub for the rest of the galaxy.

Episode 1.0 – Armed and Dangerous

Tales from Sector Alpha-8, Episode 1.0: Armed and Dangerous cover

In “Episode 1.0: Armed and Dangerous” we meet Rex, a broken and old industrial robot making a routine delivery to nearby Station DK-35. An unexpected encounter pushes him to take action, and in the process turn his perceived flaws into an advantage.

“Armed and Dangerous” is the first episode in an ongoing, all-ages comic book series that explores the world of Sector Alpha-8 … the ONLY Class-5 bio-free exclusion zone in known space!