Animal Alphabets

“Animal Alphabets” are weekly art prompts on Twitter and Instagram, where each week is a new letter along with an animal in a situation starting with that letter. They are fun, short “mini projects” to do in-between longer projects, and it lets me practice character and animal design. I don’t do them every week, but as I do them I’ll continue to post them here in addition to Twitter and Instagram.

F – Flamingo Frying Sausages

A flamingo wearing a cook hat and apron frying sausages in a frying pan. There is a speech balloon with the flamingo saying "Ok, who ordered the sausages?!"

G – Giant Panda Bear Gardening

A very large giant panda is in a garden and is holding a carrot that they just pulled out of the dirt. In the background a neighbor woman is looking at the panda over the fence in shock.

J – Jaguar Juggling

An illustration of an anthropomorphic jaguar juggling balls

K – Kiwi Practicing Karate

A cartoon illustration of a kiwi bird jumping and giving a karate kick.

L – Llama as a Lighthouse Keeper

A cartoon illustration of a llama lighthouse keeper looking at the viewer through a telescope/monocular and a lighthouse in the background

M – Mouse as a Mathematician

A cartoon illustration of a mouse standing on a chalkboard rail pointing with a piece of chalk at a bunch of equations on the board and saying “So as you can see, it’s really quite simple”.

P – Pangolin Playing Piano

A cartoon illustration of a pangolin (scaly anteater) playing piano.

S – Seagull Sleeping

A cartoon illustration of a seagull sleeping on log pilings in the water, while a group of fish are playing a prank by dressing him up nose-and-mustache glasses and taking a picture of him.