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Shawn Turek cartoonified

Hi! My name is Shawn Turek and I draw stuff.

I create illustrations and comics/graphic novels, as well as produce whiteboard explainer videos. I’m interested in collaborating with other writers and storytellers, so contact me if my style is a good fit for your story!


Not the Worst Thing Ever front cover

Not the Worst Thing Ever!: A Gross, Giggly Guide to Dealing with Diabetes (book)

I partnered with an author to illustrate a children’s book that takes a fun, humorous approach to helping kids manage their diabetes.

Occupational Hazard mini-comic front cover

Occupational Hazard (mini-comic)

A near-future sci-fi satire about an escape from an orbital facility with an important package.

Illustrations, Books, and Comics

Explainer Videos

Explainer video final graphic

I create custom whiteboard explainer videos to convey complex and abstract ideas in an entertaining and engaging way. In this day of smartphones and social media, attention is the new “currency”, and my explainer videos are a great way to stand out and hold a viewers attention long enough to unpack the details of your product or service.