Roland’s Turnip Experience (comic)

I’m working on an all-ages comic adaptation of the short fairy tale “The Turnip” by the Brothers Grimm titled Roland’s Turnip Experience. It will be a “loose” adaptation, as I’m altering the story a bit and changing the characters to anthropomorphic animals.

Work-in-progress front cover for "Roland's Turnip Experience"
Front cover for “Roland’s Turnip Experience” (work-in-progress)

Front Cover:

Roland the Farmer (rabbit)
The original story of “The Turnip” features two brothers. In my version I am keeping both characters, but they are not related. This character is based on the poor brother from the original story and he is a peasant farmer named Roland who grows turnips.

Work-in-progress back cover for "Roland's Turnip Experience"
Back cover for “Roland’s Turnip Experience” (work-in-progress)

Back Cover:

Queen Annabel (lynx)
The original story has a king, but I’m changing it to a queen just to mix it up a bit.

Lord Cecil (weasel)
This character takes the place of the second rich brother from the original story. Here he is a wealthy lord and part of the queen’s court.

Queen’s Guards (dogs)
The queen has two main guards who are fiesty Chihuahua, shown here on either side of Queen Annabel and Lord Cecil.

Inside Pages

Here is an inside spread with final inks and text. (The final comic will be full-color.)

Inked pages 2 and 3 from "Roland's Turnip Experience"
Inked pages 2 and 3 (work-in-progress)