1: Ready, Set, Go …

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This is the first post in a series where I document the process of creating a single issue of a comic from the ground up. More will come soon, but I wanted to at least put a stake in the ground to start it off.

A few things are converging that are resulting in this little experiment.

First, I’ve been thinking of creating a comic for a little while now. I feel that my art style would work well in that format, and I’ve had the same thing noted to me by others. Also, creating a comic involves a number of skills that I want to continue developing, like storytelling, character design, environment design, and sequential art.

Second, I don’t normally show a lot of my process, but I’m looking to change that. I recognize that sharing and collaborating with other artists can be beneficial to all involved. This is something I’m not very good at, mainly because I can get kind of self-conscious about sharing work that I feel isn’t “just right”. What kind of put it over the edge is having just recently read Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. It’s a really good book that argues the benefits of putting yourself out there. I’m still a bit unsure how things will turn out, but the plan is to forge ahead, post my progress, and solve the problems as they come up.

Edit: I had to come back and add a third thing here that I initially forgot. I recently watched a YouTube video by Jake Parker called “You Need a Product Not a Project“. In this video Jake argues that you need to ship something, as in actually create a tangible thing (physical or digital) at the end of a project you are working on. To put something out into the world at the end. Going through that entire process is when you really learn and “level up”.

So, to summarize, the first one is about broadening my skillset, the second is sharing my process as I do this, and the third is having a tangible item at the end of this process that I can put out in the world.

In the spirit of being totally transparent, I do have some of this project done at this point, but it’s at the very early stage. Basically, I developed it enough just to know if it would work as an entire issue of a comic. In the next post I’ll outline what I’ve done so far.

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