This day in (totally made up) STAR WARS history

Cloud City janitor

Cloud City Janitor

3 ABY. Arden Migs, Cloud City janitor, is is enjoying the latest album from Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, oblivious to the chaos caused by Imperial troops flooding into the city. But while the commotion doesn’t grab his attention, something else does.

Slacker Jedi

Slacker Jedi

18 BBY, Dips Raymus graduates from Jedi Academy, benefiting from the lower testing standards in place as the Republic was in desperate need of Jedi for the Clone Wars. He survives Order 66, but only because he overslept for the battle on Utapau (“My alarm didn’t go off man, I swear!”). Sadly, his luck runs out years later in an unfortunate lightsaber accident, which probably could have been avoided had he attended “Lightsaber Safety 103” more often. But, as he often complained, “8 am on a Monday morning? Uh … come ON, man!”

Snowspeeder on Hoth

Tracks in the Snow

3 ABY. On a much-needed day off, pilot Will Vondar takes a newly-adapted Incom T-47 out for spin on the east ridge, only to find he’s not going to have much of a day off after all.

This was actually entry into an SVS monthly contest with the prompt: “The tracks in the snow were unlike anything Will had ever seen before.”

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