Fairytale traveler (character design)

My entry into an SVS contest to create a fairytale traveler. Here is the full design brief:

Your character is young, naïve, but resilient and stouthearted! Their quiet village is hidden away in a secluded valley, but is in grave danger. A horde of goblins have promised to raid the village when the harvest moon rises. Our young traveler is on a quest to find someone, anyone, powerful enough to fight back the horde and save their village from destruction.

What we want from you is a character design sheet with your own take on the traveler. They could be a halfling, elf, human, or animal. Just make them appealing and interesting.

Every entry must have 5 color drawings on ONE page:

  • 1 neutral pose front, 3/4 view
  • 1 neutral post back, 3/4 view
  • 1 walking or running pose
  • 1 sitting pose (ground or chair)
  • 1 close up of face
Fairytale traveler character sheet