7. Milestone!

image from comic for blog

I took a longer-than-anticipated break from posting updates. Due to COVID-19 my daughter did kindergarten from home starting last fall, and I had other work that was taking more of my remaining time than I had hoped. I was still working on this project, but just not really posting. Things have been getting back to normal as far as scheduling goes, and lately I’ve been able to dedicate more time to it, to the point where I’ve reached a milestone!

I am now done with the layout and tight sketches, and can move on to digital inking. For me this is huge. In a lot of ways, the layout is the hardest part – balancing the characters, backgrounds, dialog balloons, narration, and overall story so that it all works together from a design perspective. I had rough thumbnails going into this process, but you discover so much as you go and have to solve a myriad of problems along the way. The digital inking is my favorite part of the process, so I’m looking forward to it.

Here are a couple of the pages at this tight sketch stage.

pg 2 and 3 of comic
Pg 2 and 3 of the comic
pg 22 and 23 of comic
Pg 22 and 23 of the comic

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