6. More Characters … and a Title

group of robots for blog post image

I haven’t posted in about a month, which is longer than I would like. I’m fitting this comic in between other (paying) jobs/projects, so it can be a bit hit-or-miss. But I keep plugging away.

One recent development is a modification to some characters for the story. At one point there is a group of robots, and initially I had them all be the same “model”, but with variations. Like a model of car with different trim packages or something. In the context of the story, it could be that the robots are used for different tasks, and so they have accessories and body designs that were a bit different to better suit those tasks.

Here is that (now old) group of robots.

group of robots (old group)
Original (old) group of robots

While I really like the three versions of these robots, I just didn’t feel like they had enough variety. By the very nature of them being variations on the same model, there has to be enough about them that is similar. So I kept one (the far left one), and created two new robots to create a new group of three.

group of robots (new group)
New group of robots

Also, I think I have settled on a title for the comic. No more calling it “untitled comic project for 2020”. From here on out it will be called …

Tales from Sector Alpha 8

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