4. The Environments and Vehicles

cropped shot of space station illustration

After the characters were designed, I turned to the larger world that they inhabit.

Because the characters were the first thing I created visually for this project, they really established the design language for the vehicles and environments that I created later. Some of it is subtle, but I definitely was working with this in mind. So, you’ll (hopefully) see some extrapolation from the character designs in the previous post to the environments and vehicles in this post.

Space Stations

A small part of the story takes place on a space station. Actually, there are two stations, but the second one is only seen briefly from the outside. I wanted this to feel kind of like a “truck stop in space”, so you see lots of ships coming and going, and even billboards. I love the “used universe” aesthetic that George Lucas pioneered with Star Wars, as well as the design of 70’s and 80’s sci-fi movies like Alien, Aliens, 2010, Outland, etc, so those are big influences.

space stations

Space Truck

These ships are basically the Amazon, UPS, or FexEx vehicles of this world. Also, while my characters are robots (and one creature), there are humans in this world so the ships are really designed for them. In this particular location of this universe there aren’t many humans, and most manual work is done by robots, so that’s why you have robots flying around in ships.

space truck


This is a small escape pod that is discovered at a point in the story.


Space Rig

This vehicle appears very briefly in the story. It is the equivalent of a long-haul rig for this universe, transporting things from station to station. The graffiti is a bit of the “used universe” thing I mentioned earlier, and also to further anchor it to something we are familiar with – graffiti on trucks and trains.

space rig

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